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Information Neo Approaches Record, But The Centralisation, There Are Concerns - Bitcoin News

Title :  Neo Approaches Record, But The Centralisation, There Are Concerns - Bitcoin News
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Date of publication :   2019-10-13
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Frames Neo Approaches Record, But The Centralisation, There Are Concerns - Bitcoin News

Description Neo Approaches Record, But The Centralisation, There Are Concerns - Bitcoin News

After the receipt of 2 300% in six months and the introduction of a chain of voltage ICOs expects, Neo seems to be quite a success story. The token is listed currently at $150, to a high of $193 earlier this month. But behind the scenes everything n'’t as rosy as it seems; the Chinese blockchain faces persistent accusations of over-centralization and the rumors of US change removal from the list.

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Neo Kid on the Blockchain

If 2017’s equity sales were all about Ethereum, 2018, the year will be announced in the Neo. The Asian smart contract platform still has a long way to make before is equal to the volume of the transactions of the market cap or the number of ICOs like Ethereum is. But when the hype is over all, the role of the referee in the things that the Neo is on the path-own 2018. The largest generation of token events in this month were all on the Neo blockchain, with the chips-selling in the shortest amount of time.

The key points in 22 million dollars in just a few minutes, and projects such as aphelion – a Neo P2P-DEX – and deep brain – a IA platform – have recorded usage. Others to come include Zeepin, the narrative, and in the Apex, the latter with one of the largest crypto-telegram groups, and the guaranteed $ 25 million of the cap. On the surface, everything is going well, but under the waters of the ship Neo is on the veil, may be the difficulty of the brew.

The Control Neo?

Since Hongfei, Neo’s ceo, is a man of few words and even fewer tweets. Binance head of the Directorate Changpeng Zhao is talkative, likeable and accessible; Hongfei, on the other hand, is a mystery. The whole Neo team’t known for their communication, prefer talking to their community. One reason is the uncertainty of the regulatory environment in China can be. How to keep the other crypto-companies that forced their origin in the countries, the Neo, the representative of the government in the game, such as walks a delicate tightrope walk, load balancing, its objectives, meet its legal obligations. The core team has moved since, but Neo retains close ties to his home country.

One of the biggest concerns in terms of Neo, and many other cryptocurrency projects, the degree of centralization. Ethereum, in spite of &the artist;solid leadership" from a disability of at least decentralized in terms of the nodes to secure the network, such as a recent study has shown. With the majority of Neo-nodes controlled by the project’s in the inner circle, the blockchain is vulnerable to disruption, be it directly, be it at the request of the representative of the government. His Github has only a single industry.

The loads of the nodes (Not the Neo)

In his monthly report for December, the new Council has spoken, the plans for decentralization of the network, and declared: &for the artists: "We want at least 3 nodes to be managed, while the outer parts of the…provided The first phase of decentralisation, as follows: 2 nodes, the city of Zion will be managed. 1 node is managed, financed by the community and by the community (regardless of the Ocz). 2-node to be executed by the for-profit company with a blockchain of interest. 2 nodes of the NEO-Council is passed,.”

How many blockchains, Neo seems to be in the workplace, and for the artists, the future of the decentralization” model: get the things in place and running first, and then, once the teething problems were resolved, and decentralization. Great when it works, even if-as history shows that power, once acquired, it is difficult to do without. Bitcoin and Ethereum have more than 30 000 globally distributed nodes between them; the number of official Neo-nodes is less than 10. Neo blockchain is fast and has high throughput, but the speed is of little interest, if it is at the expense of safety. Speaking of safety,…

One of the biggest challenges Neo faced in l'2018 comes from a country beyond the reach of the United States. The Chinese blockchain doesn’t need, America’s, the blessing of the function, but with the United States dominate the crypto-market, Neo’s absence would be a severe blow for Da Hongfei’s plans of world domination. With Bitfinex, which opened its doors to residents of the United States, the number of holders of trading, can where to buy dealer Neo is already restricted. The chip is currently on Bittrex, but the rumors suggest that the AMERICANS might be willing to write off, Neo.

And disbursements of Neo no available Bittrex for a month, and the exchange recently removed from the list, a different token, a mystery, for no apparent reason. With the Securities and Exchange commission examined the chips, which can be the title, it's the thought that Bittrex can remove the security, for example chips, at the top of a DRY of repression.

Neo-token-holders are paid, Gas paid as a dividend, and then, that most people don’t see this as a part of the profits, the SEC may look at things differently. As it is, Bittrex doesn’pay t, Gas-token-bearer for this reason, during Binance n'. Even if the Neo power, questions, on foreign soil, it is a destination of choice for the regulation of China or South Korea should exclude the axe swings. The deletion of Upbit or Okex would be a big blow.

The plagiarism and the forgery

The worldwide rating of mimicking the economy half a trillion dollars per year, the majority of these fakes from China. The blockchain space isn’t immune to charges of forgery or so, the China representative of its fair share of imitators. It’s Tron for example, under the direction of Justin sun, which has shown to have copied all of the pieces from his book white. Then, it’s Trinity, a project, the operating system on the Neo blockchain, copied to the state of the channel maps directly from Raiden. This plagiary will not make the Neo – nor is it limited to Asia – but it shows that the crypto-projects, are emerging in this part of the world, deserve a careful examination.

If Neo can overcome his centralization of the questions, and the ICOs he starts can add value and not just a mere rumor, there are chances of allowing the project to unfold. To see many investors well, any obstacles, the United States, China, each tour and worth a visit. The currency continued to rise in value, which is one of the biggest obstacles that he can cope with a logistical support.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the neo is indivisible. You can buy a fraction of neo on an exchange, but you can't send that whole units between the portfolios. If the token never achieve the same kind of assessment that the Ethereum, which could be a big problem. Hodler with a half-neo exchange would then be in a dilemma: to sell or the shell of another 500 $ just to be able to withdraw.

How do you assess the platform, Neo? You think that it’s Central? Let us know in the comments below.

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