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Information The investor is Fascinated by Bitcoin, and More

Title :  The investor is Fascinated by Bitcoin, and More
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Date of publication :   2019-09-21
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Description The investor is Fascinated by Bitcoin, and More

Private investors in the United States is not yet a sign of serious interest in bitcoin are liable, according to a new report. However, the small investors, whose investments below 100 000 us$, the know more about the most popular cryptocurrency, and is fascinated by her. But this comes with a twist - despite the fact that they are not fascinated to buy bitcoin soon.

The report, courtesy of Wells Fargo, a Us bank, and Gallup, an American management-consulting company, there is a correlation between the investor and his or her age and said the young men are more familiar with the crypto currencies, such as the elderly and women. The report also shows that young men are also the ones that can't afford to invest a lot of – this is a category of less than 100 000 us $ investment.

This second quarter report is on the right side of the Wells Fargo/Gallup investor and retirement-optimism Index survey, conducted in may among 2,000 adults in the UNITED States with us $ 10.000, - to invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, which stand inside or outside of a savings account alone.

The report contains a description of the digital objects that have not yet been significant gains between investors of any kind. It is said that only three percent of men and percent of women in bitcoin. Three percent of young people between the ages of 18-to 49-year-olds and one percent of the age of 50 years and more.

Bitcoin is more of this among the richest of the population, but even there, is quite thin: only three percent of those who win up to 90 000 us dollars or more have bitcoin. Among the persons with low income is only one percent.

So, what is bitcoin on the back? According to this report, the risk-factor. Three out of four investors (75%) believe that the bitcoin is "very risky" for investment, with 23% saying it is a little bit risky". To consider only two percent, that it is too risky", and nothing is left to say that there is no risk at all.

The report comes to the conclusion that the majority of investors is to play prefer to secure your investment for the safety and security at the expense of growth. But the younger generation, fascinated by the technology, it might be the front faster.

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