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Information The former Facebook Executive: Bitcoin Startup to run to the defense of the Innovation

Title :  The former Facebook Executive: Bitcoin Startup to run to the defense of the Innovation
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Date of publication :   2019-09-10
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Frames The former Facebook Executive: Bitcoin Startup to run to the defense of the Innovation

Description The former Facebook Executive: Bitcoin Startup to run to the defense of the Innovation

The cyber security market is growing at a rapid pace. According to the research, companies such as Cyber-Venture-companies and markets, cyber security market worth more than $ 200 billion dollars in the next five years. The former Facebook and Coinbase safety Director Ryan McGeehan, believes that bitcoin companies will take you on the defensive, and innovation, the market for cyber-security soon.

At the beginning of november, rooms for non-profit and non-governmental organization for human rights, Amnesty International has published a report on the protection of privacy. The researchers of Amnesty is analysed and a rating of the world’s most popular social media Ambassador for the classification-based applications, the only about the security measures.

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Poor security measures of large companies

Amnesty International criticized, some of the most popular messengers, including Skype, Snapchat, QQ and Hangouts from Google, it is not necessary, end-to-end encryption. This means that, at the request of law enforcement authorities, or other bodies that can provide for these platforms, the mass of data and news.

And privacy is important for users, the security of the platform is of the utmost importance for a company. If a platform such as Skype, for example, can't encrypt, your infrastructure, data can be stolen, hacked the platform and information for the user, which may be affected.

In the last two years, some of the most important industries, including telecommunications, industrial, health care, the leading company has suffered further hacking attacks and data theft, so that the user used in the discussion of the legality of the protocols, security and encryption systems, today’.

McGeehan, a security expert has thinks with the multi-billion dollar company in the past, that the bitcoin company puts you on the defensive innovation in the near future, especially for their expertise and experience in the solution of some of the most complicated forms of encryption.

To Test the importance of encryption

As McGeehan explains in his report, with the title and the artist;the evidence of absence,”, there is a big difference between bitcoin companies and other companies. Bitcoin companies these days, have the ability to ensure that the user with the absolute certainty that your been stolen, the sub-Fund's n’t. In the case of theft, the development team is able to get the exact time stamps and the methods used to steal your funds. The companies, however, are based on conventional security systems can’t give details for security or attempts by hackers, with security.

McGeehan States that bitcoin businesses are able to test specific answers to requests of information about hacker attacks and data theft, because of the encryption. The cryptographic systems and methods, the bitcoin startup providing a platform for the dealer with a single version of the observer effect, the immediately the company in case of a break-in.

The existence of a encryption detection can also be used as a bitcoin business, as well as a disadvantage, because it is the advertising that makes successful invaders or misuse of data. For example, if a bitcoin wallet and platform, or the exchange is breached, you must inform the public immediately and the start-up would be sentenced, most likely, by the community.

and for the artist;This size in one of two ways: We have heard of all the serious bitcoin violation. A bitcoin-related companies, the injury is very visible on the blockchain. Stealth intrusion, there is not, if the material of the key is included. Long-term, creeping intrusion are common and expected of all other types of companies. If the content (e-mails, passwords, photos) have these same properties as many other injuries that we heard of him?,” said McGeehan.

The injuries, the you Know Don’t Once,

Yahoo, a popular multi-billion-dollar company on the internet consider, for example. The company’s was the theft of data, in the year of 2014 came to light last september. The company hid information for more than two years, or don’t know about the violation of personal data protection. If this is the case, is also a big problem for users, because it means that the company is not able to determine a violation, which resulted in the theft of 500 million Yahoo’ information.

However, because of bitcoin startup more encryption security measures to protect the users of the funds, much less hacking attacks happen in the currency of the digital space. The use of the encryption proof that companies resist previous attacks of piracy that makes it more difficult for hackers, the access to platforms.

and for the artists: "We do not suffer for all of the end of the game, the hardware-key violation during my time in Coinbase. I know, because it's encryption proof on the blockchain this track recording. Coinbase is still in business. This function doesn’t measure other types of accidents (phishing, malware, social engineering, etc), but at the end of the game injured, it was completely measurable and don’t happen,” added McGeehan.

If you can implement similar methods of encryption, in conventional platforms and applications that can benefit key sectors such as health, real estate, insurance, Finance and telecommunications, the significantly less the cases of breaches of security.

Do you think that bitcoin companies is bringing the defensive innovation and cyber security market in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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