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New Crypto-Friendly Banking and Payment Start-up in the UK and Russia - Bitcoin news quick newsarenamw.com

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Information New Crypto-Friendly Banking and Payment Start-up in the UK and Russia - Bitcoin news

Title :  New Crypto-Friendly Banking and Payment Start-up in the UK and Russia - Bitcoin news
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Date of publication :   2019-09-15
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Frames New Crypto-Friendly Banking and Payment Start-up in the UK and Russia - Bitcoin news

Description New Crypto-Friendly Banking and Payment Start-up in the UK and Russia - Bitcoin news

Two companies from different parts of Europe have recently announced new products as a response to the financial needs of the companies in the crypto industry. The services range from opening Bank accounts to providing solutions for the processing of payments. The developers say that they are going to give crypto company, the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on your core business without worrying about the bank.

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The British company, Bank accounts to open, the encryption company

Coinacquiring, the London-based consulting company, announced that it now offers to help him, in the opening, and the artist: "crypto-mail accounts, bank” for companies in the sector. The corporate banking support to expand their portfolio, looking for another, after the service, the fiat-in-crypto-payment of the treatment planned, the merchant accepts the digital currency.

The accounts are in multiple currencies fiduciary deposits, including pound sterling, euro, US dollar, the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen, along with many other currencies including the Czech Koruna, the Romanian leu and South African rand, for example They also bring the support of SEPA instant credit card transfers and Bank transfers via Swift.

Bank services and services of settlement of payments are in high demand in the industry and in society receives many requests a day such as David Jones, senior payments consultant Coinacquiring said news.Bitcoin.com. Jones is of the view that the banks, the encryption company, remotely, because they do not understand, don’t, how do you assess the risks in the crypto-industry.

More security and stability to cryptocurrency traders, Coinacquiring under maintains relationships with a number of financial institutions of the traditional. &for the artists: "We have several Tier 1 European banks, we work with and also options with smaller banks, and later,” the representative of the insured company.

Coinacquiring set fee of $500 for opening an account for fees and additional costs are traded directly between the merchant and the bank. Jones added that the prices of treatment usually tends to be between 3 and 5 percent.

&for the artists: "We know how difficult it is, by fiat crypto payment processing can be, to establish,” David Jones was sent with the words quoted in a press release by the company earlier this week. &for the artists: "We want to create a space where the crypto company can focus on the design, and exciting products and technologies to take care of instead of you about whether your banking infrastructure is reliable or not,” he emphasized.

Coinacquiring not also provides support for the opening of accounts in foreign currency, although this service is frequently required. &the artist;in continuation of what we try to offer a number of treasury management solutions for the trade to work in different currencies fiduciary deposits. However, this is a couple of months holiday,” Jones said.

The adviser noted that there are currently many crypto-in-fiat-therapy-options for payment and Coinacquiring wouldn’t have a gap if it has to be decided, this type of service. &the artist;As we grow, I think it is logical to conclude that completeness noted-half and, more than anything,” Jones, if you look at the question of the company’s plans for the future.

White Russians are Developing Crypto-in-Fiat-Software, the processing of payments

During this time, a new crypto-in-fiat-system for the processing of the payments was developed in Europe, in spite of the strong competition in this niche. One of the established companies in the area, Paytomat, already has a network of dealers cryptocurrencies, the use of its services for the moment of the conversion to local fiat accepted. Your customers are based in a dozen countries around the world, the Ukraine and Venezuela.

Now Synell, a company based in Belarus, and with offices in Russia and the United STATES, is promoting its offerings in the growing market for its software will be able to deal directly with crypto payments, and the digital conversion of the parts for fiat money, the companies want to their customers the option of paying with a cryptocurrency.

The platform, called the acquisition, to accept the measure, the payments in three major digital currencies – bitcoin core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC). The developers note, however, that the support of other parts can be added, on request of interested parties. The team also developed an API and a mobile app that allows users to make payments directly to your Fund.

The software is now for sale and offered to the companies that want to engage, more time and efforts in the further development and integration, Synell ceo Denis Gorskin news.Bitcoin.com says. The crypto-platform for processing payments, the cost of 18 000$, and was originally for the Russian customers, but it can be adjusted in any other market, and already has an English version.

They believe that the introduction of new services, the shows specifically for the crypto-company that the industry is recovering? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

Warning: the reader asked for their own due diligence, before all the other measures in connection with the above-mentioned companies or any of its subsidiaries or services. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged by or in connection with use of or reliance on any content, products or services referred to in this article.

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